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We gave Alan the basic design for our new bathroom and he made suggestions to "fine tune" it. Wayne was the main fitter and did a fantastic job, ably assisted by Karl, not forgetting Adam, Jeff and Clive for the plastering, tiling and flooring. Conscientious and hardworking team that work so well together: The co-ordination of jobs was spot on: We can confidently recommend Inspirations. Thank you all.
Given how pleased we were with our bathroom suite, it was a "no brainer" to use Inspirations for our new kitchen. From the outset the whole project was managed superbly. Alan was incredibly helpful, kind and exceedingly patient throughout the process and we knew that Wayne would do a perfect job in fitting the units. The design, fit, quality and function are second to none and we are absolutely delighted with our new kitchen.
Absolutely in love with our new kitchen that was designed and fitted by Inspirations - we cannot thank them enough! It looks amazing and is so much more practical to use. From start to finish, the process was smooth and efficient, our kitchen was fitted within a week and no mess left. We highly recommend this company.
This is our second bathroom from Inspirations. Thank you once again Wayne and Carl for your total professionalism.
Superb, efficient service from the first survey to finishing the installation. Very tidy, clean and proficient workers. Minimum mess which they cleared up st the end of each day. A pleasure to have them in our house. Will definitely use them again and very happy to recommend this company.
In just over a year we have had a bathroom and kitchen from Inspirations. The work carried out on both occasions was very professional. Coordinating and timing of different tradesmen arriving without disrupting the work flow was so well planned and organised. The result is a pleasing bathroom and kitchen. Highly recommend this company
Top class workmanship new en suite finished to very high standards efficient hard working crew superbly managed by Karl would recommend this company to anyone
Work was completed to a very high standard and finished on time. Workmen were very polite and helpful
What an amazing job 'Inspirations' have done. We cannot thank Alan, Wayne and all the team enough! Our disabled wet room is exactly as we wanted. It looks stylish and contemporary, not clinical at all. Wayne managed the project so professionally, ensuring everything was done to such a high standard and perfect for our needs! Top marks to everyone.
This is the third Kitchen / Bathroom. now, completed by the enthusiastic Wayne and team. Need we say more? Debbie and Alan always so helpful. Would not go anywhere else!
Inspirations have just supplied and fitted our new bathroom and we are delighted. As my husband has Parkinson's it was important to have as little disruption as possible. During the process we were told every day what was to happen and what to expect for the following day. The whole team were extremely helpful throughout and all went like clockwork. The workmanship is superb. We are thinking about a new kitchen now!
Inspirations fitted our new main bathroom and ensuite and did a fantastic job. The fitters were excellent, trustworthy, respectful in our home by tidying up at the end of their working day. Thank-you to Alan , Carl, Wayne and Jeff you are all stars and truly the best of St Neots.
My existing shower room was remodelled to make a wet room on the first floor. Nothing was too much effort - all problems solvable. Every worker was trustworthy, pleasant and kind and an expert and took pleasure in getting things right, even suggesting some adjustments which improved the finished job but gave them a lot of extra work ( at no extra cost to me). I was kept informed about timing and the plan of work throughout. A superb team and a really good experience from beginning to end. I would give 6 stars if I could!
Fitted an en suite bathroom for us. Excellent tradesman and fantastic quality service. Couldn't be more happy and would highly recommend this company
One of the cleanest jobs we have ever had done. We will be glad to recommend you to anyone.
Extensive knowledge of product, very helpful and thorough with planning. Good attention to detail, overcoming potential problems. Excellent working practices and time keeping. All the old units taken away and disposed of immediately. This en-suite installation was very smooth and now looks amazing and the bathroom works!!
This is the second kitchen we have had from Inspirations - Our first was 16 years old and as good as new when we moved out. This time despite a challenging room the end result is fantastic. Nothing was too much trouble from design to fitting. We would definitely use Inspirations again and recommend to anybody.
An excellent company that we have used for 3 different projects. The skill and attention to detail of all their employees is second to none. They carry out their work with care and imagination. At the end of each day everything is left in a clean and tidy state. We have recommended them to friends and neighbours and will continue to do so.
Inspirations designed and planned our kitchen from floor to ceiling which was certainly a challenge in our old cottage with no straight walls and low ceilings. The workmanship was excellent and they completed on time, we could not be more pleased with the outcome. We have no hesitation in recommending Inspirations.
Had a bath removed and a new walk in shower, tray, screen and system put in for my elderly mother. The fitters were friendly, polite and the workmanship was outstanding the whole room was done quickly with minimum fuss, mess and looks amazing. Thank you for all you help.

Reply from Inspirations Bathrooms St Neots:
Thank you Barbara for you review, it means the world to us.
Be concerned. Be very concerned. Just when you think it’s safe to settle your balance with ‘Inspirations’ think again. Take a step back and check their work very carefully. Response times, the quality and nature of said responses, and customer treatment and care radically deteriorate to totally unacceptable and rude once all bills have been paid. As a flavour, the following is a brief account of the treatment I have received from ‘Inspirations’ over the last three weeks. 1/ I telephoned the kitchen fitter and left a message re a snag with the kitchen. As had been the case on previous occasions, just under a week later I still had not received even an acknowledgement of my phone call. 2/ I then used the ‘Contact Us’ service on the ‘Inspirations’ website to send an email. I waited a full week and received no response. 3/ So I went to the showroom. I saw the owner, Roger Hawkins and, I presume, his PA. He informed me that they had passed my email on to the fitter a week earlier. He then went on to say that they had had this sort of problem with this fitter before and had spoken to him about it. Mr Hawkins said that he would give the fitter ‘a kick up the backside’. His words not mine. 4/ The fitter duly arrived and did all he could do, saying that the only way to properly deal with the issue would be to totally remove the worktop and start again. 5/ Using the ‘Contact Us’ service I requested that the owner come to see the kitchen. On this occasion the response was very prompt. 6/ Roger Hawkins arrived as agreed. A camera was hanging from around his neck. ‘Dirty’ Harry Callahan would have been proud. The camera lens protruding from his stomach was large, loaded, cocked and ready to shoot. He was accompanied by one of his employees, presumably riding shotgun. 7/ The reasoned discussion I was expecting did not materialize. Mr Hawkins spent most of his time loudly informing me that I am a pedant. Every so often I was able to respond, briefly, before the cry of ‘pedant’ was raised again. He also implied that I had lied to him about when exactly I had first phoned his kitchen fitter. Irrelevant really and I said that I was hoping to talk about the kitchen rather than his fitter. Eventually Mr Hawkins either became tired of repeatedly accusing me of being a pedant, or came to realise that whenever he stopped to take a breath I would have an opportunity to attempt to discuss the kitchen with him. He said that he was not going to stand there any longer arguing with me over the kitchen. Ironic really as there was hardly any discussion or argument of any worth; more a ranting monologue based around Mr Hawkins’ word of the day. Buyer beware!

Reply from Inspirations Bathrooms St Neots:
Mr Hart not very accurate with his version of events. 1 / He phoned our fitter on 14th of November. 2/ He sent an email late Wednesday 15th of November which we received on Thursday the 16th morning. 3/ Upon being grilled by Mr Hart about our service, and it not being the first time, I said that I would make enquiries and find out why my fitter had not contacted him, if this was the case I would make sure he was contacted. I later found out this was a complete fabrication of the events. My fitter had called at Mr Hart house on Friday the 17th only to find no one there, admittedly he should have phoned first, but then Mr Hart could’ve informed us he wouldn’t be around for the long weekend. 4/ Mr Hart called in The office on the 20th to give us this complaint, we arranged for the fitter to return to find out what was the problem, it turns out that the underside of the worktop was a little rough, it was filed smooth, the complaint then was the white finish to the underside of the worktop had been removed in the process, Mr Hart was not happy as when he got on the floor he could see this. Wayne the fitter explained that he could do no more, and said he would have to take the whole worktop off to appease Mr Hart, he did not offer this as a solution, it was a sarcastic comment born out of frustration. 6/ Upon discussions with the fitter, Alan my installation manager and myself arrange to go and inspect this worktop and took a camera to take pictures. I explained that this worktop curved edging had to be cut and manufactured on site by the fitter and my view was that it was a perfect finish and if he was worried about some of the white colour was missing underneath he could paint it. This was not acceptable, I told the customer that we would not be replacing the worktop as I felt he was being pedantic making a fuss out of nothing. I was not prepared to argue felt it best to leave. Mr Hart’s kitchen is beautiful and my fitter has as usual done a great job and doesn’t deserve to be put under stress over the ridiculous complaint, especially as most of it is a figment of Mr Hart imagination. I have no apologies over this, unfortunately there is a small minority that you can never appease. No details of this complaint were posted, as really there were no problems with the kitchen. We have been operating for 35 years and never fail to take a customer complaint seriously and acted on it. This is probably the most ridiculous I have ever had to deal with. You only have to look at other post to see what a high regard customers have for my staff. As an employer it is my responsibility to protect them from stress and I have to take exception when people bend the true for their own ends.
Inspirations Kitchens & Bathrooms St Neots - Excellent Service.
Excellent standard maintained. Focused attentive planning - Install at / on at appointed time.
Inspirations have refitted both our bathroom and ensuite to a very high standard. Alan, Carl and Wayne have all been very professional and the work was completed as per the schedule with the guys always turning up on time. A few niggles have been sorted out promptly and it's never nee a problem for them to come back and sort them out. We recommend them all highly and would definitely use them again.
Very pleased with the refurb of our 3 bathrooms/loos. Whole project well managed, each trade turning up at the right time - clearly good communication. All done to schedule / on budget. Good quality work done. Nice blokes too.
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