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Having recently moved to Ainsdale (having previously spent 15 years living in Lincolnshire, and Yorkshire before that), it struck me tonight that Iʼd not had a curry in the 3 months Iʼve been here! Anyway, I didnʼt have any menus to hand, so did a quick Google and Curry House in Birkdale came up. Nice concise website, easy to understand, so they are already off to a good start with myself (with web design experience)... itʼs nice to see a simple, uncluttered layout which gets the facts across, and perhaps most importantly, is fully up to date - no shocking increase when asked for payment :) I ordered myself a Thali, which is simply a selection of main courses with pilau rice, naan, and a tandoori starter. I normally order a Thali when I try a new take-away as you get to sample their meat (in this case Chicken, Beef and Lamb), several sauces, and can also share it - thereʼs plenty for two. Me? Iʼm a chunky curry monster so ate the lot myself! The service was excellent, gent on the phone pleasant, and it was delivered quickly, still hot, by a courteous driver. Oh, that reminds me - the food! Seeing as how I only ate ʼbasicʼ curries on this occasion (Tikka Massala, which letʼs be honest, isnʼt really a curry, Bhuna and Passanda), I was pleasantly surprised. The meat was EXCELLENT. I fully believe that they source the meat from a local butchers as claimed on the menu. None of this ʼplumped upʼ chicken which is so commonplace, and the lamb and beef were perfectly cooked. The sauces were bang on the money in terms of flavour and consistency. The naan bread actually came as a naan bread! (Iʼve had many a naan delivered which has resembled a piece of wet flannel from other curry houses, but this was nice and crisp). Tandoori starter also cooked perfectly, nice and moist kebab included... donʼt recall having one so tender before, not a trace of burning, just perfect. Would I recommend it? Definately. I look forward to working my way through the menu ;) *BUT* I would have one minor complaint. Minimum order for free delivery is £12!? Admittedly itʼs a different sort of food, but Flamingoʼs in Ainsdale deliver free on orders over £4... to Ainsdale at least. £12 is perhaps a little too much like trying to coerce people into opting for the set menus / more expensive dishes. Iʼm used to paying £6 for free delivery, admittedly about 200 miles east of here. £12, when you are single like me, encourages you to order more food than you need. Which is great if you are a chunky curry monster, and the food is this good, but canʼt really be good for you or your wallet! :) An Indian take-away might not be the most refined food out there, but itʼs refreshing to find somewhere that can apparently pull it off without any issues (aside from delivery charge). Congrats to the team there, Iʼll make sure to recommend Curry House to anyone needing a good Indian. 9.5/10 and only because Iʼm tight (Iʼve got Yorkshire blood in me, so itʼs to be expected).
When I moved to Birkdale one of the first things i did was try out the local indian cuisine! The first place I tried was The Curry House and I havenʼt been anywhere else since! I have eaten indian food from all over the country including bradford, rusholme and birmingham and i can honestly say that The Curry House Southport provides the best iʼve had. Do yourself a favour and try it! P.S. The lamb moza is particularly special!
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