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Jo is super organised, she always knows what's going on in the local area and brings things to our attention so our businesses can take advantage. She is a real people person and a joy to be around which reflects well on our tight knit group where lots of business is passed around the table and new faces are constantly visiting and joining. A credit to WIBN and the reason I renew my membership.
Jo is a great WIBN Associate as she is very proactive and forward thinking. Our meetings and networking contacts have definitely improved since she took over. She is a brilliant organiser and manages to find the perfect person when asked for a recommendation - she is well respected within the local business community and is certainly taking WIBN forward in this area.
Since Jo arrived as Associate of this part of the WIBN network, there has been a steady influx of new people at our lunches, all of whom are made to feel very welcome. She works tirelessly to help all members of the groups to get heard and is a constant source of praise and motivation for everyone, putting those offering complementary services together almost without them realising. Her energy and networking skill encourages new attendees to want to join us and the relaxed lunches seem to run effortlessly to her unseen schedule, allowing everything to get done in the two hours. She always reminds me of a swan swimming - lots of laid back, elegant grace on the surface which belies the amount of work going on unnoticed below the surface.
Jo is full of energy and ideas and inspires others to be enthusiastic about promoting and expanding their businesses. The Women in Business Network is a great way to meet like-minded women and gain ideas and business contacts in a relaxed, unpressurised social environment. She is efficient, friendly and helpful and I cannot recommend her highly enough.
Jo has been running the Women in Business Network meetings in Southend now for a few months. Straight from the start she brought wonderful energy and warmth to the meetings which have gone from strength to strength, with more business flying around the table by enthused regulars and visitors. She is also very punctual and organised with the running of the meetings - it means you know you will only away from work for the set length of time, and that it's going to be fully worthwhile, both in terms of seeing friendly faces and business. Can't recommend Jo and the Southend WIBN meetings enough!
I have worked with Jo on a number of projects prior to her taking over WIBN and I can honestly say that she is a very reliable, trustworthy and professional individual. Since taking over WIBN, I have seen the membership grow and Jo has shown that she is very determined to build this business to its full potential.
Jo is doing a fantastic job for the Women In Business Network. She is well organised and a real people person, which clearly shows at the WIBN meetings. The number of members in the group is continually rising month by month and there is a real buzz about our meetings. There are also visitors attending regularly which together offers a real diverse business spectrum. Jo is always coming up with new ideas to help our businesses show their full potential through WIBN, which I know we all appreciate and this is why I would recommend Jo at Women in Business Network to any business.
Jo is a lively, innovative and inspiring leader of the Southend WIBN. She brings enthusiasm to her role and you sense she really does enjoy working with the group, encouraging participation from all members contributing to a very friendly, enjoyable but professional network group.
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