Warsash & Locks Heath Community Responders
  • Kingcup Avenue
    Locks Heath
    SO31 6XG
Warsash and Locks Heath Community Responders providing First Aid Training to those wishing to help us deliver immediate First Aid.

Warsash & Locks Heath Community Responders

are given First Aid Training in Southampton

to those wishing to become Community Responders and help us deliver immediate First Aid in YOUR local area of Southampton.


We are a local Voluntary Southampton group given First Aid Training by the Hampshire Ambulance Service to respond to Emergency Calls in your local Southampton area to provide immediate Emergency Medical First Aid care until the Ambulance Arrives.

In the event of Medical Emergencies our ability to respond rapidly with First Aid can literally mean the difference between Life and Death.

A Community Responder must be over 18, physically fit and able to donate some time for First Aid Training and on call duties as well as on going First Aid Training.

Do you live or work in the Warsash, Locks Heath, Parkgate and Sarisbury Green area and would like to help with more than just First Aid

If you have what it takes and would like to make a difference to your community by undertaking First Aid Training and becoming a Community Responder in this Southampton area,  CALL NOW -

Ben Janiec - 07734 275156
Chris Jenkins - 07979 366549

For more information do look at the Hampshire Website.

When calling for information about Community Responders
please mention the Best of Southampton.

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