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Solemates Holistic Therapy providing holistic therapies all around Southampton.

Holistic Therapist - Southampton



Holistic Therapy

in and around Southampton

Solemates Holistic Therapy based in Southampton - helping you create or maintain the well-being and balance in your life, that you want, genuinely caring about you and how you feel.

Solemates Holistic Therapy specialises in 'non-invasive' therapies, reflxology, Indian head massage, magnetic therapy and life coaching.

We take an Holistic approach to your therapy and treatment.

Our aim is to help you and to improve your well-being.


Imagine…closing your eyes…

Stepping out of the ‘fast pace’ taking some time for you… Lying back and relaxing in a warm and friendly ‘space’ you can trust Someone there to listen or to share the tranquility with you… A smiling face you know - who genuinely cares about you and your well-being…

Imagine too…

  • Your energy levels increasing, your stress levels dropping…what would that mean to you?
  • Increased productivity and greater profits?
  • Freedom to spend time as you choose?
  • More quality time with the people you love?
  • ...a more de-stressed expression of you…


Solemates Holistic Therapy 

‘Healing to help, Helping to Heal.’

Providing an Holistic approach to your therapy and treatment.

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Holistic Therapist - Southampton

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