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RW Photos is run by Roger Wilson, freelance photographers based in Brighton and serving the people of Southampton.

Photographers - Southampton

 R W Photos

run by Roger Wilson

 freelance photographers

based in Brighton and serving the people of Southampton.

For any of your photographic requirements, in or around Southampton, Roger will capture your photos  the way that you need them rather than imposing any particular style on you, the customer.
Roger has worked in many areas of the photographic world and specialises in:-

  • Weddings photographs
  • Portrait photography (Adults, Children & Groups)
  • Social events photographer 
  • Product photography
  • Corporate & PR  photographer
  • Advertising  photography

If it is your wedding that you need a photographer for , Roger will capture the day in either a casual or more formal way as your day dictates and will present your photos  in either a traditional album or in a new style that is visually stunning, the photo book.  With most photos now taken digitally you now have the opportunity to exploit this medium to your advantage.  Whatever you choose you can be assured that Roger will capture within your photos, the detail, the emotion and the fun of your special day leaving you to relax and enjoy it.
Contemporary Portraiture for that special photo for either yourself, your kids or your family can be conducted at my studio, on location or in your own home.
For all commercial, advertising and product photography, in or around Southampton, Roger will take the time to ensure that the clients needs are met and the photographic image that is presented to you will drive forward your company or product.  Images are one of the most fundamental parts of advertising whether that is for PR photographs or web based product images.  RW Photos - freelance photographers, will ensure that your potential is maximised.
Roger has produced photography for local magazines, both at home and on location and has worked with blue chip clients such as First Choice holidays for marketing and advertising photo shots.

For all your photographic requirements in or around Southampton, contact   RW Photos - freelance photographers

and please mention the Best of Southampton

Photographers - Southampton

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