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Performant Coaching provides business coaching to individuals or businesses in or around Southampton.

For Businesses or Individuals in or around Southampton -

Performant Coaching can help YOU

with Business Coaching

Performant Coaching is designed to challenge businesses and individuals to focus differently via a blend of business coaching and business support and business consulting.


Statistics show that 100% of individuals & business owners believe they could improve their personal and/or business lives in some way.

  • More personal or business growth and higher returns
  • more personal satisfaction and enjoyment
  • a better work/life balance
  • to handle specific issues like motivation and presentation skills better

Two reasons why business owners and individuals often look for business coaching or business support are :

1.     People want to feel differently in their business and personal life than they do today

2.     The individual, business owner/CEO wants a buddy

Who challenges the business owner ?

Who challenges you as an individual?

Business Coaching provides that impartial challenge and sounding board for individuals and business owners

When contacting Performant Coaching for Business Coaching

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