No Limitz Motorcycle Display Team
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No Limitz Motorcycle Display Team enabling children in and around Southampton perform in controlled and safe motor sports.

Motor Sports - Southampton

No Limitz Motorcycle Display Team

Motor Sports for children

in Southampton


The No Limitz Motorcycle Display Team is made up of 16 - 20 children from  6 to 18 years of age.

The team offers the opportunity to children to be involved in motor sports in a controlled and safe environment, with weekly training from January to May learning routines for the summer season.


The whole team ride on Kawasaki Trial bikes from KX60's to KX250's and as they grow and gain experience the size of their bike can grow too.

Training is done on hard core at first followed by grass once the weather enables it with the parents taking on all roles within the team.  They take on the role of Trainers, First Aiders, Scrutineers, Pit Crew and Tea Makers !!!  Every member of the family takes part enabling the team to function in total and be involved in motor sports.


If you are interested in your child/ren being involved in motor sports by joining the No Limitz Motorcycle Display  contact Claire on

07968 639924

and please mention the Best of Southampton

Motor sports - Southampton

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