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Mystical Paintings based in Southampton - Intererior Design at a different level ! Exquisite Hand Painted Ceiling and Wall Murals.

Southampton - Intererior Design

Mystical Paintings

based in Southampton -

 Intererior Design at a different level ! 

Exquisite Hand Painted Ceiling & Wall Murals.

Bernie Des-Rivieres was born in St Lucia in the Caribbean but moved to Southampton in 2002.  He now does Interior Design with his Mystical Paintings creating Night Sky Paintings of Ceiling Murals.

His inspiration for Mystical Paintings came from a trip to the London Planetarium and later trained in the art of creating night sky paintings ceiling murals as his Interior Design.

During daylight your room looks ordinary, at night the room transforms into your magical theme.

A different aspect of Interior Design - Bernie's Wall and Ceiling Murals create wonderful reactions from people when they see their room transformed into their chosen theme. They come out at night and last forever.

More and more walls and ceilings in bedrooms, carehomes and hospitals in Southampton are being transformed into their chosen theme by Bernie's Murals.

'If you are thinking about having one of Bernie's paintings done, don't hesitate, it's better than television! '  Gordon H. Southampton

Consider these Night Sky Paintings Ceiling Murals when you are considering Interior Design, the wonderful night sky paintings of magical themes include :-

  • Fairies
  • Angels
  • Meteorite Showers
  • The Beautiful Pegasus
  • The Solar System
  • Battles in Space, with warp drive and shooting photon torpedoes !

Considering a different type of Interior Design ?

For free home demonstration of murals by Bernie of Mystical Paintings  please email or Contact Bernie in Southampton on

02380 766966

and please mention the Best of Southampton.

Southampton - Intererior Design

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