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LighterLife - Southampton - A unique weight management programme designed to help individuals lose weight.

Weight Loss - Southampton

LighterLife - Southampton


What is LighterLife?

LighterLife is a unique weight management programme for those who have a Body Mass Index (BMI) over 29 (roughly 3 stone or more overweight).

Most people know how to lose weight; eat less and burn off more calories, but sometimes it's not that easy. LighterLife understands how difficult it can be and has put in place a medically monitored Programme that makes reaching a healthier weight as simple as possible.

Weight Loss Programme

The weight management programme uses a combination of nutritionally complete Foodpacks and specialised counselling techniques. 


Working in small, single sex groups, LighterLife's fully trained Counsellors help you to examine the thoughts, feelings and behaviours that have lead to being overweight.

Simultaneously, you will use LighterLife's nutritionally complete Foodpacks to break the cycle of overeating and allow you to lose weight quickly (typically around one stone per month) and safely whilst ensuring that you receive all the vital nutrients you need to stay fit and healthy.

Weight Management Programme


Once you have achieved the weight loss you desired, there is a Weight Management Programme to help you look at why you eat, when you eat and what you eat in order to help you maintain your new healthier weight in the long term.

The LighterLife Weight Loss Programme, Lose at least 3 stone in 3 months!!


If you are looking to lose weight and are sick of the next "fashionable diet", then you may find that the unique weight management programme from LighterLife is the correct route for you.


Lose weight sensibly and safely with LighterLife!

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Weight Loss - Southampton


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