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Armchair Answercall - helping Southampton Businesses with an affordable Telephone Answering and Messaging Service.

Telephone Answering and Messaging Services - Southampton

Armchair Answercall

can help increase your business

in Southampton

by providing

Telephone Anwering and Messaging Services

Did you know…?

80% of first time callers will not call back if the line is engaged

75% of callers refuse to wait beyond the 6th ring

80% of callers hang up when connected to an answering machine

Employ your own receptionists for your Southampton business…


At Armchair Answercall, a receptionist will be there answering your telephone calls in your company name, thus giving your business a large, corporate image, 7-days a week, at a fraction of the cost of employing staff


We are positive that…

  • will no longer have to suffer from lost telephone calls or business.
  • ...we can enhance your business in southampton by ensuring that there is always a human voice, a  receptionist at the end of the phone to answer your telephone calls.
  • ...our service will improve your corporate image and credibility.
  • ...we will leave a professional and lasting impression on your customers.
  • …your telephone calls will be dealt with by a receptionist when you are not available, whether you’re out of office, making sales, servicing customers, on the telephone, on holiday, or just too busy to respond yourself.
  • …you will receive vital telephone support without the overheads of running a full time office and employing a receptionist.



If you would like to chat in more detail about how Armchair Answercall can benefit your business in Southampton or to sign up for our Free Trial call us on

0870 288 7051

and please mention the Best of Southampton.

Telephone Answering and Messaging Services - Southampton

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