Winter car check advice from Ace Car Care in Shrewsbury
30th December 2016
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It’s officially Winter and for many of us it means leaving the house 5 minutes earlier to de-ice the windows on our car, turning up the heating and moaning about it to everyone. 

Well we want to make the Winter months easier for you motorists out there so here’s 8 simple Handy Tricks and Tips to get your Vehicle working more efficiently in this cold weather…

  • Air Con: Turning up your AC when you first get in the car could be the answer you’ve been looking for. The air conditioning unit helps to eliminate moisture from within the car keeping your cold glass, mist free. 
  • Antifreeze – This really is your best friend during these colder months, make sure that your coolant tank is topped up.
  • Ice Scraper – This is one of the most important tools to keep in your car to get you on your way quicker and safer – you can pick up a FREE Ace Scraper from our Car Care Centre in Shrewsbury. 
  • Winter Tyres - You may not think you need them, but if you’re covering a lot of miles this winter period they could be a life saver, especially when ‘Black ice’ is involved. It also could save you money on fuel as the harder your tyres work the more fuel you’ll use.
  • Screen Wash - When the weather is in the minus figures -10 Screen Wash stops the washer bottle freezing and keeps your windscreen clear from further freezing.
  • Oil: Is your car taking longer to start in winter? It may be time for an oil change.
  • Preparation: Lights, Battery, Windscreen Wipers, Tyres and Brakes - Check!
  • Familiarise: You’ll be surprised how many people don’t know what all those little buttons do in their car, make sure the next time you get in your car you know where your Hazard Lights, Fog Lights and Air Conditioning Buttons are, these are all important during the winter months.
  • We hope these tips have helped you get ready for those 2016 Christmas Journeys.

The Team at Ace Car Care wish you a safe Christmas and New Year.

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