Shrewsbury CV writing expert discusses her 'life CV'.
20th December 2014
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Christmas is nearly upon us and I can’t help thinking about loved ones no longer with us and the lives they lived, which invariably leads me to look at my life. 

What will my ‘Life CV’ entail? What will be my achievements and life highlight, how will I show how I added value?

I have a friend who’s a primary school Head Teacher and has been for over 20 years. She has undoubtedly made a massive difference to hundreds of children’s lives, many of whom have come from disadvantaged backgrounds. She leads a team who each individually make a difference every day. They could list several significant achievements and a highlight I’m sure. Another friend is an Oncology Ward Sister, again, she makes a difference every day to patients and their families.

My CV would list lots of interesting events, as so far I’ve had a great time. I’ve been lucky enough to travel the world, make great friends, run successful businesses and I have an amazing family but that’s like listing duties with no achievements. A CV like that won’t show how I added value and frankly, would be pretty boring.

I’ve found people jobs and written CVs to get interviews which I suppose could be listed under achievements somehow but what about my highlight? When my ‘Life CV’ is complete, how can I ensure that I can be proud of it? Well, as I’m only in my early forties, I think (I hope) I’ll have plenty of time to achieve something great, something worthy of the title ‘Life Highlight’. I don’t expect to save the world but just make a significant difference somewhere to someone. As long as I’m open to the possibility, no doubt an opportunity will present itself. 

Here’s wishing you a very Merry Christmas and the opportunity to achieve something great in 2015!

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