Advice on how to stand out from other applicants in an interview by Shrewsbury recruitment specialist
14th August 2015
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While there are lots of things to avoid doing or saying in an interview, don’t get too bogged down with these and rather focus on showcasing yourself and your abilities. Your aim is to present yourself as the perfect candidate for the role.


You need to prepare answers to the most common interview questions, as these are interview essentials. Currently the majority of interviews include a competency question where you need to provide an example of a time where you demonstrated certain key skills. The key skills will likely be teamwork, leadership, going above and beyond expectation and time management, as well as skills more specific to the job role. Going to the interview with a prepared answer that rolls off the tongue with ease will impress the interviewer and provide you with confidence, whilst also relieving interview stress. Don’t leave it until you’re asked in the interview, to think of your answer.

Demonstrate your knowledge

If you research the company prior to the interview (this is highly recommended) and don’t use the information gathered, during the interview, then this is a wasted exercise. If you don’t get asked about the company or your knowledge on the company then demonstrate your knowledge by asking specific questions, for example ‘Are you still looking to expand in Manchester?’ rather than asking ‘ Are you as a company looking to expand?’ this shows that you are following the company and have taken the time to do your research. Overload on facts about the company as some will fail to surface during the interview and this at least leaves you with some facts to fall back onto.

Be Yourself

Interviews are often seen as strict appointments only allowing for strategic answers and conversations. However not being yourself and showing your personality will not allow the interviewer to get a glimpse of who you are as a person, your outlooks and how you approach things such as achievements. By hiding your personality you are not being self aware and cannot identify where you work best. By hiding your personality and claiming you are the complete employee package, you are showing that you aren’t genuine, and that is a quality that an interviewer will be looking for in a candidate.

Be Specific

Statistics and numbers are really important to interviewers. They help to display you value as a candidate and allow a vision of how you perform, by arriving prepared with statistics of targets that you have met, volumes of work produced, turnover made or anything as appropriate it will mean a lot more than other candidates that say they are good at X, Y and Z.

If you want to stand out in an interview, remember to find the balance between being confident and genuine but not ‘braggy’, this is your best bet to being memorable but for all the right reasons. Don’t forget to smile, relax and be yourself.

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