5 useful tips from Ace Car Care on safe driving in the wind
2nd March 2017
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After the mayhem ‘Storm Doris’ brought, I think it’s safe to say we’re all left a little shuck up… 

In memory of Doris we’d like to do a post dedicated to staying safe in those windy wet conditions…

  • Be Prepared – Plan Your Journey

Listen out for weather reports and news of any accidents or incidents & make sure you have full charge on your mobile incase you need to contact anyone. You can also use websites like the RAC to plan your route and take a more sheltered route option if there is one.

  • Take it slowwwwww

Ye it’s pretty damn obvious but the amount of people you see speeding past is very concerning when the roads are wet and the wind is high. Take it steady and keep your eyes further ahead to avoid any upcoming incidents and traffic to give you plenty of time to take action. 

  • Two Hands on the Wheel

You’ll have a lot more control over the steering wheel with two hands holding tight throughout the journey, don’t let distractions take you away from the control of the vehicle. 

  • Allow More Room 

Always leave plenty of room between you and the Vehicle in front, even more than usual if you can, as well as when you are overtaking cyclists and lorries; they are very vulnerable to being blown around in the wind. 

  • Clever Parking 

Finally, park away from any trees, buildings, telephone lines or any other structures that could be a potential hazard even other cars if that is possible to prevent any unforeseen accidents. 

If you have been affected by Storm Doris and you need a Quote for some paintwork damage, please come and visit us on the new Battlefield Enterprise Park on Vanguard way – we are situated right next door to Euro Car Parts.

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