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Does anyone out there know a good optician in Shrewsbury? No, I'm not going bleary eyed after too many hours at the computer but would like to be able to promote a great, independent optician through thebestof Shrewsbury. And also a vet. Again, not for me
Man, there are a lot of empty shops in Shrewsbury at the moment. It's all a bit depressing... until you see a nice new shop opening. That's what's happening (OK, not all the time but some of the time at least). Shops close, other people spy an opportunity.
During this economic downturn, MP for Shrewsbury Daniel Kawczynski has been inundated with local businesses who are struggling to keep afloat as credit has dried up and people's spending becomes more stringent. Daniel commented, 'I am hearing from many bus
Have just about recovered from my night out in Shrewsbury. It's the lack of sleep that gets me more than anything, and when my daughter banged on the spare room door at 6.30am I was less than chipper.... The Salopian on Smithfield Road was as fun and frien
Another week draws to a close and it's nice to see the Shropshire Star's been printing good news stories. Some Shrewsbury businesses are doing well, kids have had days off school making snowmen (although I drove to my mum's in Telford the other day and by
The weekend is almost here; two days of peace, quiet and of course rain. So nothing new there but we do have some more good business stories to tell. It will interest you if you're a tradesperson or DIY enthusiast. If you're not, I'll be honest and tell yo
One of our Shrewsbury music teachers, Ian W. Law, dropped us a line to say his students that went for December's RGT guitar exams all passed with flying colours. We're talking scored in the 90s here, so it's further proof that Ian knows what he's talking a
Everyone needs cheering up these days. Even Roman Abramovich is losing billions. He's still got billions left of course but comparatively speaking.... "If music be the food of love" said Shakespeare and we've got some cracking bands playing in Shrewsbur
Happy New Year to you all, even if it is a bit late! I hope you had a great Christmas and enjoyed the break. I also trust you're about as sick of turkey as I am. Roast turkey, turkey sandwiches, turkey curry.... It was that bad I almost contemplated turnin
So 2008 is almost over. A year of good news (Bush out, Obama in), bad news (Spice Girls reuniting) and very bad news (recession). A mixed bag indeed but hopefully there is light at the end of the tunnel. I mean, at least Britney's on the road to recovery.S
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