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Thankyou so much for my fantastic laser hair treatments, I can’t believe the difference it has made is incredible. You service , communication and treatment was extremely professional. The appointment texts were really helpful too.Everyone at the Dental Spa went out of their way for me , so massive thanks!
At the consultation i expressed a desire for Vistabel..the brand of botox and with my 20yrs of experience as a patient, a far superior product. After several minutes of trying to pursuade me to use other brands i said no. They had little effect and i wanted Vistabel. Just under 4 weeks after the treatment i returned for an evaluation and top up. The 2 areas i had mentioned in the consultation as being more troublesome were unchanged. At this point the therapist said she had used a whole file of botox and that she had never used so much on a patient. She then said she was "loosing money" this was followed by "i have to pay extra VAT" no less than 7 times she mentioned how much botox she had used and that vistabel was more expensive. She then mentioned 4 times that she was using an extra 35ml today and that the next session the cost would be £400. My only comment during this time..not wishing to agrivate a woman who is injecting my face, was that in 20 yrs the proceedure had worked witout any problems. Her response"not everyone want a frozen look." Needless to say the course of filler i had booked was cancelled immediately. Profit is the focus here not the patient. APPAULING to say the least

Reply from Emma R:
We were very sad to read this review, as we try as a team to always put the patients first and meet their wishes. The Vistabel mentioned is the American name for the Botox r which was administered as requested. The practitioner administered the maximum normal dose as safely advised for aesthetic medicine by the drug company who make Botox r. We were sorry that the gentleman did not feel the results were smooth enough, and had explained at the consultation that Botox removes muscle activity but does not thicken skin or improve elasticity as some other treatments do for sun damaged and skin in the 50-60year age bracket. Some other treatment options were given . We did administer another half a vial at the review. As a practice we always wish to do our very very best for all our patients and they come first and foremost. The cost of the product used was unfortunately discussed because the amount used was so great that the treatment cost only covered products and the gentleman was unhappy with the fee. Sorry that in this case we were unable to achieve all the expectations of our patient .
The Dental Spa have received another great testimonial. This time from Sarah who said - "I just wanted to leave some positive feedback about my consultation today. As a very anxious and embarrassed patient I wasn't sure what to expect today. I was extremely pleased with the service and level of support offered today in my short consultation. I was instantly put at ease by all members of staff, even before I had walked into the room. Aoife spoke to me with sincerity and spoke very honestly, without scaring the bejesus out of me! I wouldn't go as far as saying I'm looking forward to my next time at the dental spa. but I'm no longer a bag of nerves and I'm a strange way looking forward to having the work done and getting my new smile. Thank you to all the team at the dental spa."
Really great place. Everyone is so lovely and make going to the dentist enjoyable. I am also now loving all the compliments I am getting on how white my teeth are after getting the home whitening kit!
I booked an appointment with the dental spa, expecting great things but didn't even make it through the door after the persistent hassle I received from reception staff prior to my appointment. I booked online leaving the box marked "do you wish us to contact you prior to your appointment?" unchecked and I have been contacted my phone or email no less than six times! When I had to cancel my first appointment due to illness I was then told I would need to pay a £20 reservation fee to rebook my first appointment! If you don't like being pestered, I'd go elsewhere.

Reply from Emma R:
Reply from The Dental Spa: We are certainly not in the habit of pestering anyone. This patient was contacted, as is practice policy following an online booking, to confirm their contact details and to establish the patient requirements were from the appointment so we could ensure that they were booked with the correct provider in order to avoid a potentially wasted visit for them. This having been done a confirmation was sent. The patient cancelled the appointment by voicemail giving very short notice (we do not recall any mention of illness at that time) leaving us unable to fill the 30 minute appointment in the diary. We called them back, as they had requested in the voicemail to attempt to rebook the appointment. We had to leave a message as there was no reply. The patient called back to rebook. Following this our receptionist realised that she had not obtained the required deposit to secure the booking. She called the patient back to apologise and explain that we would be unable to hold the appointment without the deposit which would be deducted from the cost of the appointment on the day. The patient said that she was not prepared to pay the deposit and disconnected the call. In all we contacted the patient by telephone a maximum of 3 times. The patient receives a confirmation text and email as a result of an online booking which most patients find extremely useful. We can only apologise if the patient felt they were pestered. We have had a look at our procedures and made some minor changes so this should avoid possible upset in future.
On entering this practice, one is met by friendly, efficient staff. This efficiency is carried through to the dedicated dentists and assistants. The practice is spotlessly clean and neat. Treatment the best in the United Kingdom!
Fantastic staff and treatment. Highly professional dentists in a clean and modern environment.
Friendly, professional and lovely staff. You always get excellent treatment.
The staff are 100% committed to their job. Very professional, it's a pleasure to be a patient.
I am always very pleased with the treatment I receive. It is efficient and honest.
I have been coming to The Dental Spa for nearly ten years - fabulous people and place.
At The Dental Spa I always receive excellent care, treatment and a warm welcome.
It is so refreshing to be treated at the Dental Spa. Appointments are available to suit my life style and there are a wide range of treatments available. The surroundings are excellent, best of all are the lovely smiles from all of the staff. I can't recommend them highly enough.
In the years since I found Emma at The Dental Spa she has literally achieved miracles. I really appreciate the skill and expertise and the caring, kind and gentle way in which she applys these skills. I also appreciate the attention to detail - making sure everything is as perfect as possible for me. The staff are always so kind, courteous and helpful and I recommend people to use The Dental Spa if they really care about having the best possible treatment.
I decided I was fed up with my crooked teeth and gummy smile and now, 12 months post Orthognathoc Surgery and 6 months post orthodontic work I have no regrets whatsoever. I opted for the ceramic fixed brace and as my teeth were straightening I even felt confident to grin with the brace on. I then had to have my jaw moved forward by 10mm at RSH and have a liquid diet for 6 weeks but the aftercare was second to none. The Dental Spa did everything possible to ensure I had my Hollywood smile in time for my brother's wedding and I even had time to have laser whitening carried out after the brace was removed. I can honestly say I am more confident person now and I am 100% pleased with the outcome. Everyone at The Dental Spa made me feel comfortable and relaxed and I would certainly encourage others to have this treatment through The Dental Spa.
What a great practice. Late night opening is a great idea - continue the good work.
I appreciate the call prior to my appointment day, which is very useful. The reception staff are all very friendly and professional and Emma is the best dentist I have every had. She is very conscientious and caring.
Everyone at The Dental Spa is brilliant and I like the stickers!
Thank you to all the staff who made my first visit feel very welcome. A special thank you to Julie for putting me at my ease.
Thank you for making me feel so at ease. I had been dreading my visit and now, thanks to The Dental Spa I am over my fear completely.
Thank you for the excellent treatment I have received at The Dental Spa. From my initial consultation, to completion, I have received the highest standard of professional care and expertise and I am delighted with the results.
Thank you for the transformation of my teeth. Such skillful and perfect work, I am so pleased. Thank you for the treatment covered replacing old badly fitting implants and importantly dealing with the shadow on my roots which had been of great concern. How brilliant and the match of the implants were so realistic. I really enjoyed the priviledge of being able to have my teeth done by you.
Thank you for all your care over the past years and especially for taking my tooth out so well!
Dr Emily Wright saw me after I had been having problems with a sensitive filling. She gave me some treatment and for the first time in a year I am able to comfortably eat from that side of my mouth. Sincere appreciation, good to have her around.
I was scared of going to the dentist and avoided going for longer than I care to remember. My teeth were so bad that I did not open my mouth to smile. However, I needed an emergency appointment when a temporary filling came out. Dr Emma Preston and her team saw me and immediately put me at ease, reassuring me by explaining everything they were doing. Follwoing this appointment Dr Preston explained the measures that were required to improve my oral hygiene as well as cosmetic treatments that were available to improve my smile. In addition to the fillings and an extraction I needed, I also decided to have my top two incisors crowned and undergo lager whitening. Again, Dr preson and her team treated me so that I felt totally at ease and forgot my nervousness! Now my teeth are great and I am not ashamed to open my mouth to smile. I am no longer nervous about going to the dentist and I actually enjoy going - all thanks to the Dental spa. Thank you!
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