The Best just got Better in Sheffield !
22nd October 2014
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The Best just got Better in Sheffield !!! 

We all know Sheffield is a great place to live and work, which is why I’m really excited to have discovered ‘The Best of Sheffield’ A fantastic new company that is bringing trusted local businesses and the community of Sheffield together.
There are so many great places in Sheffield that it’s sometimes difficult to keep track of them all or remember exactly where they are, web addresses, phone numbers etc… So having a site like this seems to be a great idea. I really hope it gets populated with lots more great places with all the contacts details, links, phone numbers etc… you may need. Anyone can register for free and this gives you access to all their member businesses special offers too.
It’s a great idea to vet the companies that are accepted on The Best of Sheffield too. Doing that means I can trust the site, knowing that you aren’t just recommending any old company-the verified reviews you collect and display about the businesses is a great feature too.
Having looked through the list of businesses on here, it’s already obvious that you have great taste! My kids love OurCowMolly Icecream CLICK on their logo on the website for your free extra scoop of icecream  !!

I look forward to coming back regularly and discovering new and exciting businesses many of which have superb offers and I love the lists of latest events, news and diary listings. That makes it really worthwhile coming back to the site as I know there will be something new for me to see.
If you have a favourite business that you think is the 'theBestOfSheffield' click the link on the home page and recommend them !!

I would really love to find out what everyone else thinks and where they like to visit.

Frazer S

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