Fresher's Week in Sheffield is Just Around the Corner
14th September 2014
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For some students, Fresher's week can be extremely daunting as many students have left home for the first time .... but it is also very exciting. 

Whether you're heading to Sheffield for the first time or you are an experienced visitor, there are plenty of social and other events  going on during Fresher's Week. 

Here are some great tips to help you settle in .... 

  • Register for your course and get your keys to your room (this may involve lots of queuing and waiting around and as such local, reputable ice cream company "Our Cow Molly" will be giving out their ice creams to the new first year students!!!!!), meet your tutors and have a look around your department and library.
  • Don't forget to bring ID and your university and course acceptance letter.
  • Get a diary.  It would be really useful to have an academic diary that runs from September to August.
  • Start to make friends as soon as you can and take part in social events - there is so much going on and they are provided to help people get to know each other;
  • Attend all of the meeting arranged by your course tutors or department;
  • Register with a doctor and dentist, get a spare key cut for your room, insure your belongings (unless covered by your home insurance policy);
  • Make sure you lock windows and doors before you go out;
  • Get a map of the campus so you don't get lost - especially after a few social drinks!!!
  • Budget carefully - when you get your loan cheque, divide it up and try to stick to it;
  • Go along to the Fresher's fair and see what clubs, societies and activities you could join.

Freshers' Week is such an exciting introduction to University life ..... try not to be too overwhelmed, just enjoy every minute!

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