Mental Health Action Group Sheffield
  • 46 Creswick Street, Sheffield
    S6 2TN
Mental Health Action Group Sheffield: a charitable organisation supporting people with mental health difficulties.


One in four people are affected by a mental health problem at some point in their lives, and yet there is a distinct lack of support for these people and their families. In some cases, those suffering with mental health problems are entirely on their own, with no support from friends, family or social services.

For this reason, Mental Health Action Group Sheffield (MHAGS) is an invaluable resource and one of Sheffield‘s finest charitable organisations.



Sheffield‘s Mental Health Charity

Mental Health Action Group Sheffield is a charitable organisation which receives funding from Sheffield City Council to provide practical holistic support for people suffering with mental health problems.

The organisation is run an elected Executive Committee of members and follows an equal opportunities policy that is strictly in line with that of Sheffield City Council.



What does Mental Health Action Group Sheffield offer?

MHAGS provides a safe and friendly environment in which people with mental health problems can find support and friendship.

In terms of combating the isolation many sufferers experience, this alone makes this local mental health charity a literal lifesaver for many people in and around the city.

In addition to this warm and supportive environment, MHAGS also provides practical support and advice for its members, including help with locating and claiming appropriate benefits and state support, and computer and internet access for developing IT and study skills.

A range of leisure activities is available for MHAGS members, encouraging relaxation and socialising. These include table tennis, pool and chess, as well as arts and crafts and digital photography classes. This charitable organisation also manages occasional trips and runs a walking group.



Who can get in touch with MHAGS?

MHAGS membership is open to everyone who suffers with mental health problems (or has at some point in their life) and who is now over the age of 18.

In order to ensure that these valuable services are going to those who need them the most, MHAGS policy does ask that a doctor’s note be provided to prove your mental health status.

Visitors are very welcome to drop in at the MHAGS centre and meet people before they sign up to become members, but membership is required before regular visitors can be allowed.



Support Mental Health Action Group Sheffield

To enquire about becoming a member of this mental health charity – or to offer your support, call Mental Health Action Group Sheffield on 0114 273 7666.

Alternatively, drop into their Castle Market premises in Sheffield city centre.



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