BRADFLIX - Bradfield Village Hall Cinema
  • The Sands
    Low Bradfield
    S6 6LB
Bradflix is your local community cinema located in Bradfield Village Hall, Sheffield screening the latest films for all ages.

BRADFLIX - Bradfield Village Hall Cinema 

Community cinema and film club in Sheffield 

A different cinematic experience 

Bradflix Village Hall Cinema is a small cinema giving film lovers the chance to sit back and enjoy a great film whilst soaking up the local community atmosphere. 

A smaller screen to that of a commercial cinema (6m diagonally), all films are projected at full 1080p high definition (blu-ray quality) with a 5.1 surround sound system 

If you fancy a great afternoon or night out, why not become a member of Bradfield Village Hall and reserve your seats online at  Films are FREE to all village hall members. 

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What's On 

Bradflix screens a variety of films and music videos for children and adults of all ages.  

Only selecting films that have been recently released, Bradflix is a great opportunity for film enthusiasts to take part in a community event whilst doing something they really enjoy. 

Mid way during the film, there will be a brief interlude where audiences can enjoy drinks from the licensed bar or kitchen as well as indulge in some luxurious ice cream from award winning ice cream company "Our Cow Molly".  Popcorn and other snacks are also available.  

The bar and kitchen will be open at the beginning and during the interlude of the film should you require additional refreshments. 

Once you've booked your seats, simply bring along your own chair or beanbag (if you wish) and relax and enjoy the show.  


When you become a member of Bradfield Village Hall, films nights are FREE of charge. 

Please note: A raffle will be held on each night to raise funds for other village hall activities. 

Film Parties 

Looking for a unique idea for a party?  Then why not use Bradfield Village Hall to host a film party?  Call the team today to discuss your requirements and costs.  

For chance to watch great films in your own community, check out what's on at BRADFLIX - Bradfield Village Hall Cinema in Sheffield

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