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Abacus 59 Limited is based in Romford and helps SMEs save on their tax bill and improve profits the right way

59b6732bc6a711569900155bAbacus 59 Limited is an accountancy network you can count on, they are a company that supports SMEs when it comes to minimising their tax bills, increasing their profit levels and ensuring that they remain compliant with all accounting and tax regulations.

Abacus 59 have been in business for a total of 8 years and they are based out of Romford.
Bode Olaniyan, the owner of the company, has more than 25 years’ experience working in senior executive roles at different blue-chip companies across the world and spotted some flaws in the way accountants have traditionally done business.

SMEs in particular often have issues when it comes to looking at different tax saving and profit improvement processes that larger companies have access to. This means that with the team at Abacus 59, SMEs can save money on their tax bill and generally improve their levels of profit. This is all of course done in a legal manner that complies with the relevant accountancy and tax rules.

The reason that Abacus 59 stands out from their competitors is thanks to the friendly service that showcases the years of experience that the team have in this area. Not everyone is comfortable with accountancy jargon so all ideas and changes are proposed in plain English in a way that anyone can understand. This helps the client relate to what the team at Abacus 59 is proposing to do. What you see is what you get with Abacus 59.

It is important that SMEs place a significant focus on growth and a great way to do so is by getting their tax and accountancy affairs in order and by maximising money saved in this key area.

Abacus 59 currently have an offer for anyone who has a meeting with them whereby you can either get a free tax saving review checklist with 3 or more tax saving ideas or a key improvements product to highlight ways to increase profits or a benchmarking report showing your business performance relative to your competitors

Remember tax and accountancy is not a DIY project so call the team who know their stuff, who are trusted, certified and will go the extra mile for you.

To talk with the team at Abacus 59, you can visit their website Abacus 59 Limited, send them an email at abacus59@abacusnetwork.co.uk or telephone them on 01708750640.

Member of The Top 1%
Member of The Top 1%