Save Fuel AND the Environment
9th November 2009
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With the onset of the dark nights and cold weather this is the time we should get round to saving energy and help to save the environment at the same time by reducing our carbon footprint.

First, make sure you are getting the most economical tariff for your fuel. If you haven't done so before, then get on the comparisaon websites and work out the best fuel deal for you. You will discover that the best deals are usually duel fuel with one company, paid for by direct debit, and managed online (paperless).

Second, we can't all afford solar heating but we can ensure that we are not wasting our precious energy. Is your heating boiler the newer condensing kind? Are all your light bulbs energy saving? Are all you windows double (or triple) glazed? Have you insulated your loft to a modern standard (if you have no or little loft insulation you can get a 50% grant, or more if you are 75 or over). You can also get a grant for cavity wall insulation. Don't forget to insulate around your exterior doors, and fill between draughty floorboards.

Third, make all members of you household energy aware. If you aren't using it, then switch ot off and don't leave electrical gadgets such as TVs on standby. Don't leave doors open, or overfill the kettle. Don't stand under the shower for longer than is necessary or operate the washing machine only partly full. Get a washing line and where possible save a bomb on use of the tumble drier.

Fourthly do turn your heating down and only use it for essential times. Wearing a  jumper indoors is the new fashion. You can go out and get some exercise and when you return you will feel warmer for longer.

If we ignore these things then we may have a future of power cuts and shortages ahead of us.

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