Are you a haggler?
9th November 2009
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Some people are afraid to drive a hard bargain when making a purchase, but why pay more than you need to?

Forget about oriental bazaars, it’s all about negotiation.

When buying large items like cars, furniture, or carpets there still can be room for negotiation. Get in the right frame of mind before you set out. You have the money (or plastic). They have the product. The best results come from negotiating.

Don’t visit when the showroom is busy. Go just before closing time early in the week when trade has not been too good. Decide what you think the item is worth to you and work out what you are prepared to pay. Don’t look too interested and make a personal approach to the salesperson, using their name if possible. Introduce yourself and say you might perhaps be interested if the price is right.

When the salesperson has totted up the price say the magic words, “Is that your best price?” and show signs of walking away.

If you can’t get a killer price, then negotiate extras, or free delivery e.g. No reduction beyond the 25% sale price on flooring but £35 saved on delivery.


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