What’s the alternative to the world cup? in Rochdale?
11th June 2014
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 What are you going to do!

Well you can either bite the bullet and join in or here are a few ideas of things to do in Rochdale which don’t involve the world cup

All the matches are early evening or later, it will still be light and hopefully warm and dry so  if you aren’t working why not visit one of Rochdale's parks , Queens park in Heywood has a great playground for the kids and a lake to fish at the back of the lake, did you know that if you walk down the track in the far right corner of the lake there is a bike track for the kids to ride, it’s fab and not busy usually so take the kids.

Springfield Park is fab for a picnic; don’t forget to roll down the hill or to play tennis. Or Harehill Park in Littleborough with its’ gardens and play area,

There are plenty of beautiful places to go for a walk, try Greenbooth or Wardle reservoir or Healy Dell and call off for tea and cake at the Tea Rooms.


During the evening matches why not go to the cinema or bowling or out for a meal, lots of pubs and restaurants will be showing the matches but you can avoid the football at The Rake in Littleborough with its Spanish theme and delicious tapas or try an Italian at Il Vecchio in Heywood, delicious.


Why not have a pamper party at home, turn the telly off, get the girls round and either book someone to come round with makeup or toys!! You know what I mean ladies. There are lots of organized party events from body shop to Tupperware ( do they still do those)

If it must be sport then Wimbledon starts on The 23rd June but you’ll have to fight for the remote.

I ‘m planning a few peaceful hours with a book; I’ve joined the library and will stock up and read to my hearts content

If all else fails if you can’t beat em join em!  It will beat doing the ironing!


Come on England.



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