Top Tips for Cleaning
18th September 2014
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Calling all Rochdale Homemakers! Some cleaning problems can really make common household chores a drag. Have no fear my top five tips are here!

Tip 1! If you have pets then you may suffer from hair on your furniture. Try rubbing the hair covered furniture with a damp rubber glove!

Tip 2! Kids can get artsy and draw all over the place when creativity strikes. To get rid of marker pens on hard surfaces spray some hair spray on the effected area and wipe clean.

Tip 3! Nothing is worse than scissors that don't do their job. For blunting scissors or pinking sheers cut through course sand paper or alluminium foil.

Tip 4! Everyyone wants their flowers to last longer. So why not give your wilting flowers a little more life by adding a teaspoon of mild detergent to their vase!

Tip 5! Microwaves can be tough to clean. Try mixing 4 Tablespoons odf lemon juice with a cup full of water and put it in a microwave friendly bowl. Pop the bowl in the microwave for 5 minutes. Then wipe away the steam residue on the walls with a soft cloth and like magic your microwave will be as good as knew!

Try these and tell us your thoughts or add your own tips and tricks below and help our fun loving Rochdale community grow!

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