There were gaps in my worktops!
22nd June 2014
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A few years ago we were doing some home improvements and had a new kitchen. We chose a local Rochdale kitchen company, the salesman came round and told us what we could have and how we could have it, Great I thought can’t wait.

It wasn’t a big kitchen and I thought it would be an easy job. When it was finished I loved the cupboards but that is about it. The hob was in the wrong place, it didn’t leave any workspace on one side and was too close to the sink, the fridge was slap bang in the middle of a run of cupboards leaving a space on one side that was useless, ( a problem when you are pushed for space anyway) and when I inspected more closely I noticed the worktops had gaps in the corners where it had been cut and I could see all the sealant, they didn’t look right and I was worried they would let water in and be ruined.

The kitchen company weren’t very helpful I have to say and for the layout I blame myself, I should have thought it through more carefully, I just depended on the so called expertise of the man who came round.


I have had a chat with a great joiner since and here are just  a few tips he came up with to think about when you are planning a new kitchen.


  • Look at your flooring, is it level? Will removing the old units leave gaps or lead to steps being created?


  • What layout do you want? It’s always a good idea to have your sink, oven and fridge in a triangle but not to far apart. It will get on your nerves if you have to go into a utility room to your fridge for example.


  • Think about the size of your white goods, do you want an under counter fridge or a big stand alone one.


  • What cupboard layout do you want? If you are having top cupboards you will want them to match the bottom cupboards. If you are removing walls is there enough space for the worktops without them sticking out, This is all in the planning.


  • What’s your plumbing like? You will need it redirecting if you are moving your sink.


  • Think about your electrics, your choice of appliances may lead to a new power source, it would be a shame to have new kitchen and the oven keeps blowing the power or you realized the sockets weren’t in the right place for you.


  • A new kitchen is a big expense so it’s important you get all the advice you need from your kitchen fitter at the planning stage, speak to them about what your expectations are so that the reality can match it and you are not disappointed.


  • When you pick a kitchen fitter ask to see examples of their work, you want someone who is recommended if possible.


Enjoy your new kitchen.  Don't forget, choose a reputable kitchen company in Rochdale with great customer reviews and use a recommended joiner who knows what he is doing and will do the job right. 

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