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17th February 2014
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Congratulations to all of our colleagues in Rochdale who took part in the competition we are sure you're delighted to also have raving fans about your business too.

We joined bestofrochdale after being impressed by Deb and Gary. As a small business we really heavily on 'self-promotion' ie being seen, being enthusiastic and being willing to go the extra mile for our customers.

After 19years in business we've seen competition come and go, 'pub-talk' lead decisions for consumers on possibly their biggest expense after their house and pushy sales people rail-road customers in to the wrong vehicle at the wrong price. We are here to fix that! To do so we need to build trust with our audience and 'thebestof' is helping us do that! So thanks Deb and Gary! 

We've also noticed that after over 40 years as an industry the leasing market is no longer reserved for smart businesses or those with advanced financial knowledge.

We are determined to show the businesses and the  people or Rochdale that not only is leasing the best way to fund their new cars but using Anthony K Associates to source their new car and offer multiple finance options the best way too.  We want to show fleets that expensive sole-supply contracts are also a waste of their money and a broker-led supplier will save them lots of money too without losing service. 

What you get with Anthony K Associates:

Access to hundreds of dealers and motor groups. We have no preference over the make or model of your next vehicle. We can search nationally for stock and don't push you to 'buy today'

Access to dozens of leasing/finance companies. Many of whom do not deal direct to customers.  You've chosen the car but now the best way to pay for it will be an important decision too! 

Access to our Directors - there are no pushy sales people at Anthony K Associates, we want all our customers to shout about how good we are not how quickly we got you to sign some forms for a new car or van

So I guess that's why we're the best and why the bestof is such a good fit for us. Word of mouth works and we'd love to speak to you next time you are looking for a new car or van.




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