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9th October 2014
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Life is too short. We've all heard this before right? Well today on behalf of Rochdale I will stress this point as much as I can. The age old theory that love makes you happy is a lie. Sorry to break it to you but it's true. Nobody has the ability to make you happy. You and only you can do that. That is why you are the most important person in your life.

Rochdale has plenty of book stores full of self help books. There is a reason and that is because only you can help yourself through a situation. Self help books emphasise the importance of loving yourself, thinking and doing things for yourself and generally having a will of your own.

Life can end at any point without warning. This quality it has, of being unpredictable is why the idea of life being too short is so widespread. Since we all agree that we have a limited time, it is only common sense to live it as best as we can-by making sure we're happy and we do things we love. You should never do things that don't make you happy. Because, whoever you do them for, will never fully appreciate it and you can never make everybody happy. Someone or the other will have a problem with your decisions.

Doing things for yourself, and making yourself happy is the only way to really enjoy life. This does by no means mean that you don't do stuff for others. Do them, as long as your happiness isn't compromised.

Rochdale is a strong community, the only reason is that everybody knows their worth, they are happy. Happiness is infectious and can only be shared and ditributed if you yourself are happy. A miserable person can only spread misery.

The self is very important to the whole. Only a happy self can sustain happiness and that is what makes good communities like Rochdale.

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