The 0% Finance Myth and a couple more!
28th February 2014
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Well here goes. How about you see a car advertised with 0% Finance as the advert in the local paper. 

What if your local leasing broker could find the same car for less money and apply a finance product that charged interest but cost you less? Interesting......

Most leasing companies apply a management fee as part of their interest charges so event a low rate has to show as 'something'. However you buy the car with the help of professionals and fleet buying power! You become a buying group of thousands!

When it comes to personal vehicle finance you'll find all sorts of conflicting information. Speak to a recommended expert in the field. 

Most dealers will have some kind of finance to help you biy your new car. A leasing broker has access to several finance lines and can possibly even buy the car better than you've been offered.

Also consider why would a finance company lend you money for no profit? There has to be a cost to the agreement somewhere doesn't there?

"Use the Equity As Your Next Deposit!" Myth

So you've signed the new lease on your car and the clincher is that the dealer will take your car back off you at the end and cover your final payment. If there's any profit they might even give you some money to trade it in......sounds great until that time comes and that agreement goes out of the window. 

If you're on PCP agreement you are protected by the ballonn to just hand the car back OR purchase for the price in the contract. Most of our customers just send the car back and start again, very few use it as a trade in and evern fewer make any money. 

I believe the old 'use the equity as a deposit on your next car' line will soon be stopped as no sales person can predict the future value of cars and even worse is hardly likely to be there to shout at in 2, 3 or 4 years time to discuss a verbal agreement.

The Demo Car - Myth

There are fewer demo cars at most dealerships now so this is less likely to come up however very rarely does the old fashioned "ex-Demo" deal come up.

Very often we can by a brand new car for less money than a nearly new or ex-demo then look at the finance options from there.

The general gist is find someone you trust to speak to about the 2nd most expensive purchase after your house. 

Anthony K Vehicle Leasing are a family-based leasing broker, trading since 1995 from Middleton. You always deal with our Directors and we conduct most of our business via recommendation. 

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