Students of Rochdale Have No Fear
30th August 2014
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We all know change is hard. Everyone gets a little bit nervous when it's time to move on and do something you have very limited knowledge about. Your palms start to sweat, your mouth feels like you've just swallowed your pillow and your eyes are darting about like pool table balls. But it's okay guys calm down. If your moving out of Rochdale into your brand new student home then there will be times where you'll feel like you are an alien stuck on an unknown planet but it's not as terrifying as you think.

Even though I'm saying there's nothing to fear, I do suggest you be prepared for what's out there. Don't worry it's not that giant grey haired green eyed monster with the blood of students sripping from it's sharp pencil shaped teeth and claws. To avoid this mythical (very real) monster you'll need a survival group. Choose your flat mates and peers they'll all be going through the same stuff so they will always have your back.

During that all important first week I would prescribe plenty of sleep; which of course will be utterly impossible since your levels of stress are higher than your university building. But you are no longer in your pleasant Rochdale home and your mum's not going to drop you off so you can't oversleep. You'll want to set Alarms, pre-pack your bags and set out your clothes the night before so that you can have some time to breathe the next morning instead of fainting from the pressure.

The most important thing to be careful about is your money. Like it or not you're definitely going to have to budget because food is expensive. But being careful from the start will be very useful and you can make your smug face at everyone who's run out of money and is living off beans.

So before leaving Rochdale for University pack your brains, and once you get there have some fun but don't lose the thing I just asked you to pack!


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