Shall I bother trying Electronic Cigarettes
23rd July 2013
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Everyone knows that the tar and other chemicals in traditional cigarettes will kill you yet many people remain addited to nictotine and so continue to smoke.

There has never been a credible alternative to getting that 'hit' and getting the feeling of smoking before.

Until now! e-cigs have evolved into a more sophisticated alternative to smoking.

The flavoured liquids contain propylene glycerol , natural flavourings and nicotine, all suitable for vegetarians if that concerns you.

Whilst it can never claim to stop you smoking, it isn't regulated to do that, the benefits are considerable for smokers.

  • cost - vastly cheaper than traditional cigarettes ( up to 80% in some cases)
  • no tar or carbon monoxide (the big killers)
  • No stale smell on body , clothes or in the house.
  • legal in public places comes in many different strengths and flavours.

If you have will power you could stop smoking but until that day comes or if you purely want to smoke something different then  visit Guy at  No match, he will advise you and help you an your journey to an electronic smoking future.

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