Rochdale Food Bank
30th August 2014
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Food Bank's are amazing organisations that help feed the hungry. 

It's a pretty simple process that relies heavily on the goodness and kindness of local people and community pride!

Luckily Rochdale's food Bank has a wonderful locality where people donte and help as much as they can.Food Banks collect donated food and then distribute it to people specially selected by various institutions and government bodies. 

Food Banks also help with long term propblems by offering advice and providing references.

The main way in which food is donated is through "Supermarket Collections"

This system involves volunteers entering supermarkts and engaging the public there to buy an extra item from the food bank shopping list to donate to the bank. 

At the end of last year during Christmas time Rochdale's Food Bank accompliushed a lot by the generous locals and the ongoing support of Tesco, Asda and and ofcourse Rochdale.

So keep the Bank flourishing and help out via donations or volunteering and help make Rochdale an increasingly better place!

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