4th October 2014
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I've seen lots of people reading on the buses and the trams in Rochdale, whether these be physical books, e-readers or magazines.  People, even in this day and age, still love to read. This is great for aspiring writers like myself. It means we still have a chance, because we still have an audience!

So, for my wonderful Rochdale readers, here are a my top ten facts for people who enjoy reading!

1-Parents who read for pleasure and read to their children are more likely to have smarter more literate children.

2-People who read fiction are more genuinely nice and emphatic compared to tjose who do not.

3-Women who read Romance novels are more likely to have and maintain active sexual lives for longer.

4-People who read have higher GPA's, intelleigence and more general knowledge.

5-Reading helps reduce stress and develop coping mechanisms.

6-Analytical Thinking is boosted by reading.

7-People who read have a wider vocabulary and are better able to convey messages to wider audiences.

8-People who read develop the ability to process and store information better (Good Memory)- can prevent or slow progress of Alzheimers and Dementia.

9-Reading helps a person become more focused and increases concentration. This in turn enhances their ability to prioritise.

10- My final reading fact! Reading increases our imaginations and allows us to open up to new and different things. People who read are less likely to be sexist, racist, homophobic, ageist and so on.

So this post clearly tells us that people who read are awesome! So keep reading Rochdal!

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