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22nd April 2013
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A wedding is argued to be one of the most important days of your life (birth of children aside) so choosing the intricacies of such an event are vital. He pops the big question, you’ve been waiting on it for years, you answer with an elated ‘yes’ before proudly sporting your engagement ring and soaking up the congratulations. Now for the hard part: your ever expanding planning list includes, but is no means limited to, the dress, the flowers, the food, the cake, the bridesmaids, the guests, the honeymoon, the venue, the ceremony and the photographer.

It is so important to get this right as you only (ideally) want to do a wedding once and you want to remember your perfect day in pretty pictures that will make everyone gush ‘oh look how beautiful you are’ and ‘you both look so happy and in love’. These pictures will be around forever, you will put these snaps in a frame on your mantelpiece, where it will remain for years and years for you to gaze at as an old couple and remember that super special day where you made your vows in front of your family and friends. These pictures will be passed down through generations and this is a lot of pressure!

So what do you do to avoid these botch photographer jobs that are so frequently reported in newspapers? Don’t worry, everything is under control; we are here to help!

You first and foremost need to decide your preferred style of wedding photography. Are you an old nostalgic, do you like a bit of a vintage feel? Black and white and sepia photographers are perfect for retro lovers. Do you like posed photography with the bridesmaids and the groomsmen or would you prefer the more candid paparazzi style shots where everyone is natural and carefree, dancing to ‘Saturday Night’ and ‘Macarena.’ You may want a photographer that can do the free feel photos and the cheesy and posed ‘gazing into one-another’s eyes shot amidst a beautiful garden. Just something to think about.

Look through potential portfolios and understand their vibe. Ask the photographer what their passion and interests are, in shooting film and otherwise. If you gel then this is a terrific sign. Trust your instinct as you more than often feel something for a reason!

How will you use these photos? Are they sitting in the photo frame or are you using them for keyrings, for future invites? Is it better to get a photographer who offers to host their photos onto a DVD, which will stop time taking its toll on your snaps? Do you want a photographer who deals with print? Someone who deals with retouching, special filters and so on?

Price range! Pricey photographers may scream quality but qualifications aren’t key. Remember that a recommendation is worth much more. http://www.thebestof.co.uk/local/rochdale/business-guide/photographers

Make sure you take your time. Ask the photographers about their work. Taking photos and shooting film will be their passion, I’m sure they would talk for hours on end about their line of work. Do not be afraid to ask questions and make sure you sleep on your decisions. Maybe treat yourself to a nice little book and write notes.

Keep confirming. Sign contracts. Confirm again. Pencil in diary. Confirm once more. You want everything to go without a hitch!

The next thing to worry about is looking beautiful for these everlasting photos. I’m more than sure you will and if you have chosen the right photographer, I’m positive they will be fabulous at retouching anyway – great news for your drunk Uncle dancing to ‘Gangnam Style’.

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