Pets and Holidays in Rochdale
9th September 2014
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If you're a pet owner then you would know that deciding on a whether or not to have a trip or a holiday becomes very worrisome. What will we do with our darling little furry friends?

A big reason for me never going anywhere is my little kitty. I don't trust easy which means I wouldn't ask people to pet sit, kennels seem like an easy option but there are worries there as well, what if they won't get treated or petted right or fed on time or this or that. We have lots of excuses. Almost every other house in Rochdale owns some kind of pet which shows just how many people are sitting worrying about going on holiday.

I would never recommend asking someone to take care of your pet unless you really trust them, because, let's face it people have lives and they're going to be busy and may become a little lazy which may result in your pet facing some problems.

Kennels and Catteries on the other hand are professionals and it is their job to care for your pet, there are far fewer chances of neglect andthey are usually connected to veternary services. Researching the right kennel is important, you don't just want a place to stuff your pet until you come back right? Make sure you visit and talk to staff and get a feel for the place before leaving your pet there. Kennels and catteries should be like animal hotels where they are given good service and cared for as guests and at the same time they should be staffed by genuine animal lovers who will give your pets love and attention to make them feel more comfortable and less scared.

Rochdale has Catteries and Kennels all with good reputatuions, so make sure to have a look around to see which is the best in Rochdale so that you can actually relax on your holiday knowing your little friend/friends are in safe hands!

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