My Grandparents Shopping Centre Vs Mine
27th January 2014
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My parents and grandparents tell me about what Rochdale Town Centre was like when they were growing up. About how they couldn’t possibly go to all the shops because it was so busy and because there was so many. However, recently shops have shut down and going into Rochdale Town Centre on a Saturday can be rather quiet which encourages younger people to travel away from Rochdale.

I’m a teenage girl so obviously I love shopping and its really sad that sometimes I have to travel away from Rochdale to spend a day of shopping, and it must be hard for my grandparents to have seen their towns shopping centre get less and less popular.

Rochdale seems to definitely be taking steps in the right direction though, especially with the beautiful new Riverside building, the Sixth Form and College both having fantastic reviews, and more recently the posh new bus station and trams.

I’d love to see Rochdale become as busy as my parents tell me, and for me to tell my children about the amazing days of shopping I’ve spent in Rochdale Town Centre. I would like my town to return to its popular atmosphere that I’m always told about, so that people use the buses and trams to come into Rochdale, and not use them to be taken away.







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