Muscular Pain
29th September 2014
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S every now and then some part of your body will decide it's not happy and will show you this through throbbing, stabbing, beating and/or agonising pain. The people of Rochdale agree that it is most likely muscular pains (although it could be something else, if the pain is severe, constant and/or over a long period of time, then a visit to your local GP in Rochdale is highly advised). 

Write now, as I type away on my laptop, my right shoulder and the right side of my back, down to the hip is throbbing painfully. I've done some research and asked around for home remedies (the pain has been there for 2 days-getting worse) and I thought I'd share them with my fantastic Rochdale readers.

Some Home remedies suggested by some ladies of Rochdale include a massage with warm oils. Another suggestion was using a hot water bottle. I was also told to lie down straight on my back on the floor. The last home remedy was to keep the parts that hurt constantly moving. I have tried some of these in the past and they all worked at one time or the other, the only one that has helped somewhat right now is lieing on the floor but it still hasn't fully healed me.

So as an alternate to the Rochdale Communities remedies, I searched the almighty internet. There I found a list of ointments designed to "heat" the body part in pain and therby reduce the stress and tension in the muscles. A few other things I found were, to keep warm and avoid the cold, different sleeping positions, mild exercise and gentle massages and if the pain persists then a visit to the GP. 

It looks like google has similar ideas to the Rochdale Home Remedies. Looks like local Rochdale ideas are not so far from Google's advice. 

I have decided to try a warm oil massage tonight, if that doesn't work then an ointment will be put to test. If all this fails to relieve me of my pain then I will visit my trusted Rochdale GP!

Wish me look and try and see what works for you, or add your suggestions to the site or simply comment them below!

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