6th June 2013
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Over the past ten years there has been a complete change in the attitude of children to having braces. Where once the “train tracks” were considered to be a disfigurement, now they are to be desired to ensure the best possible smile. The reason for the change is that straight teeth are considered attractive and the braces have changed. Even with the metal fixed braces, there are different colours and combinations of elastics that can be chosen. Fixed braces can be provided with tooth coloured fittings such as “Six Month Smiles, and the nearly invisible “Invisalign” aligner treatments are now available for teenagers as well as adults. In Rochdale there has been a problem with accessing teeth straightening (orthodontics) as there are limits on the types of irregularities that can be funded on the NHS and there is a shortage of practitioners offering this treatment, so the waiting lists can be very long. At Waterside dental Care we have had over 30 years of experience in helping teenagers to have straight teeth and we can explain all the treatment and financial options that are currently available so you can choose the one most acceptable to you and your child.

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