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31st January 2014
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My Grandad is full of information and facts, you can ask him any question about Rochdale and he'll most likely know the answer. A few days ago, he gave me a few pictures that he had taken and a few books he found and told me so much information about Rochdale that I found very interesting. 

Here are 5 facts that I found the most interesting.

  1. Quite a lot of people in Rochdale will already know this but I thought it was definitely worth sharing. The famous actress and singer, Gracie Fields who starred in both cinema and music hall was born in Rochdale (1898-1979). She was mega famous and its an honour to have been born in the same town as her. 
  2. In the 18th Century The Reed Inn building on Yorkshire Street, Rochdale was used by the Halifax Wool Merchants.
  3. In 1745, the building now Yates Wine Lodge was built by the Stead Family who used it at a family home. Apparently on the top of the building the initials SS are still there. It became Yates' in 1911.
  4. Rochdales Parish Church, St Chads, overlooks Rochdale Town Hall. There has been a church at this location for over 1000 years. The old stocks are still visible.
  5. Rochdale Town Hall finished being built in 1871 and apparently costed only £155,000 to build. It is considered one of the finest Victorian Town Halls in Britain. It is also said that at one point Hitler wanted the Town Hall and requested for it to be taken 'brick by brick' and built in Germany. 

I definitely want to visit some of these historical places and take note of the little things about them such as the SS on Yates Wine Lodge, and see the stocks at St Chads. I actually didn't realise how much history Rochdale held.

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