How to Care for Your Feet
29th August 2014
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Feet, although mostly ignored by almost everyone, play an important role in carrying you around your town Rochdale. Made up of only a few bones, some ligaments, a bit of muscles and tendons they do a lot of work taking on the weight of your whole body. So I think that they deserve a but of attention and need to be cared for...It's only fair!

So here are a few easy tips to help protect your feet:

  1. Wash Up!- It's important to wash your feet at the end of every day. The days dirt and sweat if left, can build up and cause fungal infections and other feet problems.
  2. Dry Em!-After having a shower or washing your feet remember to dry them properly especially between your toes other wise bacteria will grow and that's just an invitation to athletes foot.
  3. Moisturise!-This is an important part of your feet protecting ritual, locking in moisture is very important to protect your feet from dryness, if your feet remain in a dry state; that can lead to hard skin and cracks in your heels. It's worth it to opt for a foot cream, which you can purchase from any of Rochdale's superstores or drugstores.
  4. Remove Hard Skin!-Do this every couple of days to prevent infections. If hard skin is not removed it can create painful and/or itchy cracks that will only get worse the longer you ignore it.
  5. Shoes!- Choosing the right shoes is a vital part of caring for your feet. Shoes that are too small can cause the inward growing of toenails and also the tightness can create a fungal enviroment which can lead to infection, shoes that are too big can cause calluses and blisters. In this scenario size definately matters!

A good thing to remember is that feet swell throughout the day and you should shop for shoes when your feet are at their largest, which is around midday. This way you can ensure you feet are comfortable in your shoes all day. Just pop out during your break, Rochdale is full of shoe shops where you can buy whichever fits best. Shoes made of natural materials like leather and cotton or mesh are safest for your feet as they absorb sweat more readily and keep your feet cool preventing bacterial and fungul growth.

 Try these tips and let us know what you think or share your own!

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