Have yourself a cheap and merry Christmas in Rochdale
4th December 2013
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A few years ago it was decided in our house that too much money was being spent on gifts for too many people. In our misguided wisdom we decided to only buy for our children and no-one else was getting a gift.

I have to say I only grudgingly agreed to this as I love to give presents, I get more joy from that than receiving one (almost ) So I told all the family not to bother with presents for us as they weren't getting one.

When Christmas day arrived I have to say I was slightly underwhelmed at the thought of arriving for Christmas lunch with no presents. I felt mean to be perfectly honest.

Can you imagine how I felt when - despite being asked not to - everyone gave us a present. I was mortified, embarrassed and angry and although I gratefully accepted the lovely pressies given to us.

I actually cried as I had no presents to give. When I got home I swore I would never have a presentless Christmas again. I realised how much I love giving pressies, it's what makes it for me, to see someones face when they get a well thought out present.

But money is still tight and I don't want to but something for the sake of just buying. I think carefully about people and what they like.

My aunty loves drinking tea from a china cup, she says it tastes better, I found a lovely yellow and white one in a charity shop ( loads of good stuff in there) , she won't mind if it doesn't match anything in her cupboard, she will love it, cost £2.99

My brother is a single dad, I'm thinking of compiling a card of promises to babysit every month for the next year, he will appreciate that more than a boring jumper. ( and I get to spend time with my neice and nephew) cost £0 only my time.

I found an old photo of my friend and I in our teens, I'm getting it framed, cost: priceless for the laugh we will have when she sees it.

These are just a couple of the things I'm thinking but there are loads of others, if you have been organised and can grow things why not grow something useful ( a pepper or chili plant for instance)

Promise some time to do jobs for someone you don't see often or even just to go and sit and keep someone  company once a week. ( you have to keep your promise though)

Homemade jams, chutney, cakes and breads all make lovely presents when they are made with made with love. Try a homemade candle or some soap, recipes are everywhere.

What I am trying to say is I know with some imagination Christmas can be personal and special without spending money you can't spare.

So look out everyone I might start baking!

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