Halloween with the Kids!
3rd October 2014
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Okay so October is now upon us. This means that there will be a great event coming up at the end of the month, (other than my birthday) and that is... Halloween!

If you're a parent living in Rochdale, you will understand that this means, cistumes, candy ,sugar driven children and more often than not... Nightmares. Well Rochdale Costume Shops or DIY stores can sort out your costume problems without a doubt. Candy and chocolates is something you should save for trick or treaters.

For your own kids I have come across a fantastic idea. I thought I'd share with my Rochdale Readers an interesting thing I have found. This will be great for Halloween and your Kids will love it!

So here's what you'll need:

A packet of straws (preferably the ones with a bendy tip)
Jelly (of your choice)
A cup
A rubber band
and a pouring cup.

Here's what you need to do:

Put all your straws into a cup and secure them into place using a rubber band (so they don't move). Next make your jelly and while it's still warm and runny, poor it into the straws very carefully. Once the Jelly is set, rinse the straws with warm water and out will plop some deliciosly squishy Jelly Worms!!!

Your kids will love these and you'll be very appreciated! So why not try this out this halloween and have yourself a squishy, wormy time!

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