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10th September 2013
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The start of another winter sports season and all those beautiful rows of gleaming enamel are going into the danger zone!

I was speaking to parents at the Rochdale Rugby Union Football Club last weekend about the importance of protecting teeth from knocks and worse and the value of having a professionally made gumshield that is made to fit the teeth correctly and has all the protection in the right place.

I know that there are many cheap self-moulding versions available but they don't give the same protection.

Working with a dental laboratory that specialises in gumshields Waterside Dental Care are now able to offer a range of over 50 different designs with the owner's name on for between £25 and £50, depending on the chosen design.

This includes the taking of the correct impression and checking the fit when it's back.

We know what ages the adult teeth start to erupt so even if there are still a number of baby teeth we can help the gumshield last by planning the correct space for the new teeth to grow.

There is talk that gumshields will become compulsory in many more sports soon, particularly lacrosse, so it's an important part of health prevention and by choosing their design and colour it is more likely that a child will wear it and get that all-important tooth protection.

Contact Waterside Dental Care for more information and to get your gumshield now, before it's too late. 

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