Freezing to Death
23rd May 2013
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Would you be horrified to learn that more than 25,000 people, mainly the elderly die every year in the UK from the cold, The cold is one of the biggest killers in this country and its a scandal in the 21st century. Whilst the energy companies and their fuel prices must take their share of the blame for making our old people choose between heat and food, cold weather and poor heating leads to more deaths from respiratory and circulatory disease. Age UK have a national campaign 'Spread the Warmth' to raise as many funds as possible to help vulnerable people keep warm and healthy in the cold weather. The Big Knit is part of this campaign, Innocent drinks have joined forces with Age UK, people are invite to knit small hats to fit an innocent drinks bottle which are then sold to raise funds and awareness. £115,000 was raised last year with high hopes again for this year. If you want to get involved then email to register your interest. Lets not leave it till winter before we do something, Lets get knitting.

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