Flowery Flowers
13th September 2014
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Flowers are those beautiful expressions
of feelings deep, that have no words.
Flowers are the fragrence of freshness,
they are a display of nature's authentic glow
and they are absolutely breathtaking.
So used, by dear ones
to tell a tale, perhaps declare
a promise of love, or maybe friendship.
To brighten the aura of someone's sickbed,
To fill with aroma, a little glass bottle,
To present to the dead, the circle of life,
or to add beauty to the dark dull world.
Whatever the reason, these fine beauties,
add to the event, the mood, the occasion.
Let us not forget their role in nature,
To feed the bees, and make the honey,
To sprout and colour and create a scenery,
aiding the less attractive greens,
by enticing lovers to spread their seeds.
Nector for insects, leaves for others, 
leaving the petals for our sweet teas.
The flowers so selfless, so refreshing, so small.
The list of their value is endless,
Yet we find them in shops and stalls.
They grow in different places,
spread out across the lands.
Florist collect them, so we can gaze at them in awe.
Purchase them, present them 
and decorate our homes.
Flowers are important for everyone and everything
and their charms evoke feelings from 'before'.

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