Don't let Lacrosse become a thing of the past
11th August 2015
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English Lacrosse has been sponsoring non EU coaches for a long time but the government is bringing it all to an end. 

Please can we have your support with the following:

 Click on the link below to read more and do your bit, we all need to have a voice and stop this sport dying in England 


Overseas coaches have been delivering Lacrosse in Rochdale since 1982. The home office are now halting this. 


Any more info please get in touch 


We need to generate as much support as we can for this, the National Body have encountered problems with their Visa Application procedures and the government have stopped all their incoming overseas Development Officers from travelling to take up their posts in the UK. This will effectively destroy the UK Lacrosse program in primary schools.

Please click on the link and help  

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