Does your Cat Love you?
24th September 2014
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Now all Rochdale dog owners would agree that it's easy to know with dogs. The way they run up to you and cover you with dog drool the minute you walk through the door, it's hard to say they don't. Cats by nature are solitary travellers on this earth who enjoy their space and privacy but that doesn't mean they don't love you. So for Rochdale's cat owners, here are a few of finding out if your cat loves you!

1- If when you enter a room in your Rochdale home and your cat stays where it is that's good news. It means they are comfortable enough to share its space with you.

2-Slow blinks of the eyes, also known as cat kisses. This is an action that shows contentment. If your cat looks at you with lazy slow blinks, they love you.

3-Rubbing around you (other than for food) or using their paws to kneed you lika a piece of dough. Cats have glands in their cheeks and paws that secrete a familiar scent. They are marking their territory. Letting other cats know that you belong to them. 

Cats can love you and I agree it's not always to see But you need to focus on feline behaviour and not general acts of love. So hopefully a lot of Rochdale cat owners will read this and know they are loved by their furry friend!

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