Choosing Schools
22nd September 2014
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It's important to pick the right school for your child. Every child needs a healthy enviroment to grow in without feeling pressurised or stunted. Rochdale and the North West is well known for its good schools and learning facilities. 

Luckily for a lot of parents making the choice has become a lot easier than it used to be. For worried parents out there here are my top three tips!

Research the schools in your area. Researching is a good way to find out how many school's there are in your area and how good they are according to OFSTED reports (there are a lot of good ones in Rochdale which makes it harder to decide). Use online information to narrow down your choices.

Visit the schools. After narrowing down to a few schools, take a tour of each ones. See the classrooms and learning areas and meet the faculty. See each one and then narrow down your choices a little more.

Finally, ask a lot of questions. Ask as many questions as you can, anything you're wondering about or anything that's bugging you just ask. the more you question, the more you'll know and the easier it will be to make a choice.

So these are my top tips for school hunting for worried parents in Rochdale. I hope it helps!

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