Books and Cafes in Rochdale
10th September 2014
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Food and books are often enjoyed together, through in tea or coffee and you have a party for your everyday introvert! This is a combination that has been around for years and has only developed to include Tablets, Kindles and Ipads as reading devices. 

Rochdale is the proud home to countless coffe shops, tearooms, book shops and let's not forget the best place in the world; book heaven-The Library! 

What I find though, is that reading, like any other task can build up an appetite, using your brain and eyes also requires energy. If you take a stroll around Rochdale you will most likely find something more to your taste. Personally I opt for Cafes and the best ones are usually the small cosy ones that promise fresh, hot, homecooked food!

Sometimes your house doesn't seem comfortable or that you need to cleasr your head or simply that you don't feel like cooking for yourself but at the same time you don't want something unhealthy.
Whatever the reason, you're out of the house with your current or favourite book in hand and you're heading towards that small cafe where you will soon become the favourite customer of the friendly staff, who learn very fast when to talk to you and when you need to be left alone with your book and your delicious food.

Sounds amazing right? Well your lucky you live in Rochdale then, because it's full of friendly folk and great places to eat and drink!

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